I am very happy with KNL Builders; I can give you fifty reasons why I think KNL is better for the average homeowner. I’ve been in the flooring business for twenty-two years; I’ve had a working relationship with hundreds of builders. KNL gives you more for your hard earned dollar. Peace of mind, exceptional quality, a home that I can be proud to live in.


KNL will not build every home, but I would hope and pray that every other builder out there would take the time to build a quality product, and give the consumer the care and love it takes to build a Home.


Ernest Vandiver


KNL is in the process of building a Villa for me in the Mill Run development. I chose this home and builder because I particularly like the quality and the location. It is close to my work and to the expressway and shopping on Arlington Rd. I also like the fact that they are unattached homes with the maintenance package. I am looking forward this summer to having "no yard work"! I love the fact that they are custom built, because I don’t like the same thing everyone else likes. I guess I am very picky! So far, my experience has been very good. Dave is real easy to work with, he has a great personality. He is great to work with and very knowledgeable, and willing to make things the way you want them. I am looking forward to getting finished and moving in to my new place soon!


Karen L. Wands


I would like to encourage others interested in residing in a condominium complex to seriously consider looking into this venue. There are many amenities that are awaiting you within this style of living. The units are beautifully constructed, and the trim and crown molding in real hard wood give it a very elegant appeal. The homes are spacious and open with a convenient laundry room located on the first floor. The grounds are nicely landscaped and the best thing about that is you do not have to do any of the work. There is no more mowing the grass, planting flowers, trimming or shoveling snow due to this being done for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your life, and believe me I am!


Kathleen Macchiarole


My husband and I have recently purchased a condominium from KNL Builders. KNL Builders was highly recommended to us by a friend who had three homes built by them. Additional inquires we’ve made to various others rated them as excellent builders; even our banker. We have enjoyed working with them; they are very friendly and willing to work with you on anything you might need or want. The craftsmanship we have observed in their models is exceptional; even down to the smallest detail. Extra touches they add will make it a joy to live in our new condo. We can’t wait to move in.


Ernie & Nancy Riddle


We selected KNL Custom Homes builder because of their flexibility of design and building material. The Mill Run Villas detached homes with a condominium concept is a revolutionary principle that is appealing to us; as well as the location. Workmanship with attention-to-detail closed the deal.


Alice and Leonard Jamison


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